May 14, 2015

coastersNeed a Father’s Day gift idea?

What’s useful, fun, simple-to-make, conversational, won’t break and guaranteed to be a hit with Dad? A set of Photo Drink Coasters. Whether you prep these for his office, the Man Cave or the living room, this is a gift that no one else will have. Our photo coaster set can be ordered with up to six (6) different photos (one per coaster x 6 coasters).

Inspiration for Your Photo Coasters
Got a large family? What if you made Dad a photo coaster set that featured a picture of each child? If you don’t already have six great photos to place on your photo coaster set, then stage an afternoon of photography with the family. It would be cool to head to the beach and grab some bright sunny day shots. Or working closer to home, just head to the backyard and snap mugshots. Go close-in with the shutter and get everyone to make a silly face portrait for these coasters. Here are a few more ideas for your family photo coaster set:

  • Go retro: find a stash of old photos, have them professionally scanned, then add to the coasters
  • Y.M.C.A—remember the Village People? Everyone pick a letter and spell something
  • Seen those ‘man in a box’ photos? Shoot so that it looks like each family member is trapped within the confines of the square-sized photo coaster
  • Parts is parts: photograph just feet, ears, elbows–then let Dad guess the owner

Simple to Make Photo Gifts for Father
These are super simple to make—just select, drag, then drop each image file onto the coaster template. (Before you get started, be sure to size your photos into a perfect square dimension. That means make the height and width the same). Pick clean and bright images that do not have too much detail since the finished size of coaster is just less than 4” square on each side.

  • One (1) photo appears on each coaster
  • Use the same photo on all coasters or vary the selection
  • 3.75” x 3.75” finished size
  • Made of high-gloss hard plastic with cork backside to prevents sliding
  • Set includes six (6) coasters

And if you’d like to up the Father’s Day gift count, think about pairing your new Photo Coaster Set with an Image Mug for his coffee or a Personalized Keepsake Photo Box that’s also going to be displayed on the side table. We’ve got lots of photo products you can make that will keep his day extra special.



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By Strawberry
On June 9, 2015

I’m a huge fan of photo gifts, and photo coasters sound like a fantastic idea! I’m always happy to find out about new ideas for photo gifts 😀

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