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Magic Backup Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
Magic Backup is an app for your PC that runs continuously backing up files from your computer to the Winkflash Cloud. It continously (but very efficiently) listens for files that have changed and updates the cloud with the changes. The Winkflash site shows your files just as they appear on your PC, so however you organize your files, they will appear exactly the same as on your computer. You can access your files anytime-anywhere from the winkflash site.

How safe are my files?
Magic Backup backs up your files continuously all the time without taxing your computer, so there is no delay. Unlike other backup services that run at different times of the day, Magic backs up your files to the Winkflash Cloud as soon as they are created or change. The Winkflash Cloud is a storage system built on industrial strength disk drives in highly redundant configuration.

How are my files secured with Magic Backup?
Magic Backup using HTTPS/SSL for secure transport of all your files. Magic Backup also allows you to encrypt any of your folders using very strong AES256 encryption. Folders enabled with AES256 encryption are not accessible on the site.

Will Magic Backup always automatically back up my files?
Magic Backup will continue to run and backup your files as long as your computer is connected to the internet and the application is running. The only time Magic Backup is unable to back up your files is when your computer is off, in sleep mode, you uninstall the service, or your subscription is past due.

What can I do with the files once they are backed up to Winkflash Cloud?
You can browse your files on the site, share them with other people, download them from the site, and order any product on the site with them.

I can't find my photos that I backed up to Magic Backup on Winkflash?
Your activated and backed up devices will appear as Magic Devices beneath the "Transporter Pics" and "Cell Phone Pics" folders on the "My home" page. Magic Backup takes time to initially run and back up files (can be a few hours to a day depending on number of files and connection speed), but after initial backup of all of your files will backup quickly, in a matter of seconds.

What happens when I delete a file on my computer?
Files deleted deliberatly or accidentally are moved to the Winkflash Cloud Trashbin. You can recover them by accessing the Trashbin in the app. Files in the Trashbin remain there for 30 days.

I bought a Plan but how do I use Magic on my computer?
If you took advantage of the 30 day free trial then Magic Backup is already downloaded on your computer and your account will automatically update when you purchase a plan.

How do I access my Magic Backup account information?
Click Here to access your Magic Backup Account information. From this page you can see your enrolled Magic Backup plans, update your billing information, or cancel a Magic Backup account.

Can I backup my mobile device?
You sure can! We have mobile apps currently available for iOS and Android. Visit our apps page for more information.

More questions?
See Magic Backup Tutorials or contact customer service at 1-800-443-4436 or
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