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How do restore my backed up files if my hard drive crashes:

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
1. Download and install Magic Backup.

» Click here to download

2. Recover your computer

» Start up Magic Backup and click "Yes" when asked if you've used Magic Backup before.

» Log in using the User ID that you originally set up and backed up your Magic Backup account with (Fig. 1). *Important* You must use the User ID that coincides with the Magic Backup account you are trying to restore from.

» Select the device you are restoring from the "Existing Device" drop down menu (Fig 2) and click "Continue" on the bottom left.

» When you have selected the device you wish to restore with click the "Recover" button (Fig 3) then click "OK" if you are absolutely sure that is the backed up device you wish to restore your computer with.

3. Click the email confirmation link to begin your download.

» Once you confirm the device you wish to recover an email will be sent to the email address set up to your Magic Backup account (Fig. 4).

» When you click the confirmation link in the email your files should begin downloading momentarily.
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