June 14, 2017

Don't forget these photo tips for Father's Day!


Tip #1: Find an activity to do

Sometimes staged photos can get old and all start to look the same.  Try having your subjects ride their bikes or participate in an activity while you photograph them so you can get some great candid shots.  By doing this, you are sure to catch them with genuine smiles and having fun!


Tip #2: Avoid crowded areas

Don’t you hate it when you thought you took the perfect picture, come to find out there is a stranger photobombing you?  Try to avoid crowded areas.  Parks with open fields and trees, blank backgrounds, and open parts of your home are all ideal places to take photos.


Tip #3: Make them laugh

Remember those candid photos we talked about?  Sometimes a good laugh does the trick.  Rather than telling everyone to say “cheese!” every time, try doing something to make them laugh.  You’ll be sure to get genuine smiles from everyone that way!


Tip #4: Take photos with pets

Pets are part of the family too, right?!  Let the dog be in the pictures to add a little fun and humor.  We all know pets provide plenty of entertainment, so at the very least, it will be enjoyable for everyone.  Just don’t let them be the only star of the show!


Tip #5: Stay away from harsh sunlight

No one likes having the sun shining right in their face, so opt for the shade instead!  Pictures taken in the sun don’t often come out how you’d like them to because of its harsh contrast, and people are squinting. Find a shaded spot so that everyone can have a good time during your photoshoot!


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