Display your photos in elegance with our leather cover 12x12 photo book.

12×12 Leather Photo Books

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Celebrate an event and create large photo book, perfect for your coffee table. 12×12 Photo Books allow you to display large photos on each page so sharing your book with a large group or family is easy. Our Custom Hardcover 12×12 Photo Books come with many preset designs and options. Large 12×12 photo books make great gifts for any occasion, so gather your memories and create a custom photo book today!

12×12 Photo Book Details:

  • Large variety of styles and layouts.
  • Quality paper and long-lasting bindings
  • User friendly tools to make a book from your Facebook albums and Instagram photos
  • All photo books comes with the standard 20 pages, each additional page is $1.25
  • 12×12 photo books holds up to 50 pages (50 sheets)
  • Available in black or white simulated leather
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Most Recent Reviews

By Carrie
On June 23, 2016

Love your books. Excellent quality!

By Roseann
On August 28, 2015

Love the quality of your work. Just arrived back from Disney and waiting for the flat book rate deal. Keep up the great work.

By Dan L
On May 17, 2015

I love your photobooks. Have a bunch and ready for another big one. Please bring back the 100 page flatrate book deal… Thanx

By chashy
On May 15, 2015

I have photos waiting for five 100 page albums. waiting for the deal to come back.

By Rob Rasmussen
On May 15, 2015

Love the books but miss the flat rate books with 100 pages. Just got back from Italy and have that many pictures to put in a book like my trips to Washington DC and France.

By Y M
On May 13, 2015

Very good quality books. I just can’t order a new one unless you go back to your flat rate 100pg book.

By Cece
On May 8, 2015

I love your photobooks. Please bring back the 100 page flatrate book. That was an awesome deal!
Thank you!

By Natalie Baranauskas
On May 7, 2015

Your books are the best. And we are so happy you are back! Please bring back the 100 page flatrate book! Thank you!

By Josh Simon
On April 10, 2015

We love your books, please bring back the flat-rate book sale!

By Koriann Ruud
On March 10, 2015

Your books are the BEST printing and quality of 5 different companies I’ve tried. The bindings are tight and do not tear out or unravel. Love them!

By Christa Ellliott
On February 24, 2015

I am glad to see that you are back and up and running. Please bring back the 100 page flatrate book!
Thank you!

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