Add a customized touch to your decor with our large photo collage area floor mats.
Warm a cold floor with a non-slip large area floor mat, perfect for tile and a basement
Brighten a room or add personalized interest with photos and patterns on a custom area rug

Large Area Floor Mats

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Transforming your digital images into a customized photo floor cover

Using your own collection of photos and digital images, you can create an exciting addition to any room of your home with a personalized photo carpet. Complete the customized look of your home by looing at our photo home decor collection and showcase your most cherished pictures in a unique way. Each photo floor mat will not only add beauty to your home’s interior but will act as a protective floor covering that will be admired year after year.

Custom photo rug details:

  • Choose from a wide range of sizes for the perfect fit
  • Select from a variety of photo layouts and collages to artistically display each photographic treasure
  • Dozens of background colors, patterns and themes to accentuate any decorative style
  • Durable construction with a quality felt surface and tough rubber backing
  • Lightweight for easy transport and storage
  • Great for showcasing your own custom artwork or a unique logo for a small business

Use your most prized memories to bring your home decor to life

With today’s impressive technology, we can capture life’s most precious moments in seconds with our smart phones and tablets. From weddings and birthdays to vacations and family portraits, there are so many photos worth celebrating on a daily basis. Why not bring these captured moments to life by introducing them into your home’s decor. Maybe you have a fun picture of your kids at the beach or a beloved photo of your parents on vacation. Use these images to create a stunning addition to your room’s decorative layout and enjoy your favorite memories every day. In addition to your walls, the floors of your home can be decorated with unique rugs, floor mats and carpets. Customize your very own floor covering with our personalized photo rug. Your cherished pictures will not only add color and personality to your home but will be a practical addition to your decor that protects your flooring in high traffic areas.

Custom photo floor mats are the perfect fit for any corner of your home

Combining beauty and durability, your new customized photo mat can be displayed in any room, upstairs or downstairs. Make a unique decorative statement in your family common area or add a splash of color to your kitchen tile floor. You can create a sentimental touch to your bedroom with a stunning landscape photo that you took while on a family outing or draw attention to your foyer floor with an intriguing picture from your digital image collection. In addition to elegance and character, a personalized rug can also be used in a practical way to protect various areas of your house from daily use and pets. Use your custom carpet to save your home’s hardwood floors from scratching and scuffing or lay it on your living room carpeting to prevent normal wear and tear. Additionally, a custom photo mat will be the perfect fit for other heavy use areas including a pet room or your kids’ play area. You can even jazz up other parts of your home including your basement or garage. With their rubber backing, they will easily hold up on concrete floors. Besides your home, a photo floor rug will make a great addition to your workplace. Maybe you own your own business and want to introduce a professional look to your store or office and impress your clients. Easily add your own logo and print it out on a custom rug of any size to spruce up your work area. Maybe you are also looking for a way to advertise your business not only inside with a photo rug but outside with a custom banner. Our personalized stand up banners will allow you to display your own photos, text and even your unique business logo. No matter where you decide to display your customized carpet, you will be sure to enjoy its elegance and practicality throughout the year.

Custom photo rug sizes for any area of the house

Whether it’s a large formal dining room or small entryway in your apartment, there are various sizes to choose from for your new photo floor mat. We offer classic rug sizes including 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10. Maybe you are looking for a square rug. Display your favorite Instagram photos on our 3×3, 4×4 or 8×8 custom photo carpets and make a personalized statement in your den, bedroom or family room. With six different dimensions to choose from, you can easily create a custom rug that will fit in perfectly with your existing home decor.

Show off your distinctive style and taste with a variety of photo layouts and background options

Does your home have more of a traditional flavor or is your decor more simple and modern? With dozens of background colors and patterns, you can easily create a rug that fits your color scheme and perfectly displays your prized photographic memories. If your home takes a more classic approach to design, you can use a plaid, floral or damask pattern to match your existing fabric patterns and make your photos stand out like a work of art. Maybe you have a contemporary and modern look and want just a solid color to show off your photos. With all the colors of the rainbow at your disposal, you can build a custom photo carpet that compliments a room of any color palette. Display a single favorite image or create your own photo collage and turn your floor into an exciting and stylish photo gallery that your loved ones will envy. In addition to your floors, you can adorn your walls with our wall decor and photo art collection which will provide you with countless options for decorating your home. With several different photo layouts, you can artistically exhibit any number of pictures and regale your family and houseguests with your life’s most memorable moments.

Each custom photo floor mat combines style and durability for years of enjoyment

With a comfortable felt surface and a durable rubber backing, your photo rug will be an exciting decorative accessory that you can use anywhere in your home. The low pile felt surface material will allow your favorite photos to be displayed with bold colors and sharp clarity. In addition to adding warmth to any room, the rubber backing will prevent slipping and the lightweight construction will allow you to roll up your rug and move it freely around the house. Once your photo floor mat arrives, you can easily unroll it anywhere and enjoy your favorite photos as a unique and colorful floor covering that everyone will admire.

A custom photo rug will make the perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list

Are you looking for a unique gift for your friend’s birthday? Perhaps one of your relatives is moving to a new house and you have been searching for just the right housewarming present. A personalized floor mat will certainly be a well received gift. Create a photo carpet for anyone using their favorite images or make a collage with some of their most treasured photographic memories. They will be thrilled to display it in their home and will admire the unique character that it brings to their home’s decor. From grandma’s kitchen to your dad’s workshop, you will be sure to build an exquisite custom rug that fits their personality. To compliment a custom photo floor rug, check out our complete selection of personalized photo gifts which include everything from photo mugs and pillows to custom placemats and grocery bags

Celebrate your most prized memories and create a decorative masterpiece to brighten up your home

Create your very own custom photo carpet and add a unique decorative accessory to any area of your living space. Your new rug’s colorful hues and personality will brighten even the dullest and darkest of rooms and are the perfect fit for both the home and workplace. Add interest to your kitchen or living room with a photo collage rug or use your own logo to make an impressionable carpet for your small business. With so many uses, options and sizes available, you can easily create a customized carpet for any occasion. Not only a great addition to your distinctive decorative collection, a photo floor mat is the perfect gift for sharing memories with loved ones in a unique way. The durable quality and lightweight construction of each photo mat will allow you to store and move your rug freely throughout your home. Using your favorite pictures or customized artwork, you can build a special, personalized floor covering that you will enjoy year after year.

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