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Aluminum Photo Ornaments

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Aluminum Picture Ornaments for your Tree

Each holiday season we pull out our decorations, set up the tree and trim it with all the ornaments collected over the years. Some ornaments may hold a special place in your heart as they provide an outlet to a cherished memory or loved one. Today it can be hard finding ornaments that can hold such sentimental value to us, but you can easily create a photo ornament that will instantly warm your heart with smiling faces every time you see it!

Aluminum photo ornaments are the perfect garnish for your tree, adding pride and bringing a smile with every passing. Ornaments feature bright vivid colors and crisp photos, so your best memory will never fade and will continue to bring you joy each holiday season when you pull out your ornaments and decorate your tree.

Aluminum Metal Ornaments:

  • Available in 4 Precisely cut shapes: Fancy Square, Scalloped Corner, Fancy Rectangle and Snowflake
  • Each ornament includes complimentary red satin ribbon
  • Photo art design is printed on white finished single side of ornament. Back of ornament is brushed aluminum.
  • Aluminum ornaments offer the sharpest photo reproduction and most vibrant colors

Mail your Aluminum Ornament, no Package Needed

Aluminum photo ornaments are the perfect accessory, and best of all, they’re flat and sturdy, so you can easily send a custom ornament in your holiday greeting card and surprise it’s recipient. Tape your personalized metal ornament to the inside of your card and send to mom, dad, or the grandparents. Aluminum ornaments are super flat and light weight, so you can mail them in a normal envelope (inside a card is recommended for protection) with no package. Also their thin size makes packing away a large number of ornaments a breeze, as they don’t take up much space. Create your own set of aluminum ornaments and enjoy your memories each year!

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