Gift your dog with the perfect fashion accessory and create a photo dog bandana just for him.
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Personalized Pet Bandana

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Create a Pet Bandana

Custom Dog Bandanas

Custom Bandanas look GREAT on pets! A Custom Printed Bandana may be exactly what your furry friend is looking for to look awesome. Go for a test run by bringing your dog to a dog park! Little Fido will stand out and have all of his friends envying him and his Customized Dog Bandana. Have his name printed on the Bandana Print or have a picture of his favorite owner printed on it! Either way, little Fido will have the time of his life rocking his new favorite accessory. There are so many ways to customize these Pet Bandanas that creating them becomes a very fun experience. Upload some of your favorite photos and test some layouts. You’ll see how easy it is to create a Custom Bandana that both you and pet will love!

Easy to Create and Customize

Creating a Photo Bandana for your pet is easy on Winkflash! We have many different layouts and templates for you to experiment with. You can choose to keep things simple or choose to be as creative as you want with our templates. We have options where you can choose to use multiple photos with textured backgrounds or use a single photo for your entire Custom Bandana. Try creating a Photo Bandana with a yellow background and add some photos of little Fido on it. Even a simple design like that would already look great on a Photo Bandana! The best part is that something like this only takes minutes to make on Winkflash. We’ve done our best to make creating a Custom Photo Bandana as easy as possible.

A Fashionable Accessory

If you thought your pet was cute, just wait till you try giving him a Custom Pet Bandana! We’ve all seen pets wearing sweaters and hats, which look great, but Pet Bandanas really give your pet a unique and adventurous look. Imagine little Fido running in the wind with his colorful Custom Bandana flying behind his back. That’s an opportunity just waiting to be photographed! Once your fellow pet owners see Fido with his cute Pet Bandana, they will all want one as well.

For pet owners who have multiple pets, Custom Pet Bandanas are a must! You can customize a different Pet Bandana for each of your little furry friends. This would be great if you are taking all your pets out for a walk. If you put a colorful Pet Bandana on each pet, you would be able to identify them quickly. Or if you are meeting up with your fellow pet owners, you can easily point out who is who to them. “The cute little golden retriever over there wearing the red bandana is Fido!”

These Custom Pet Bandanas are easy to put on your pet and easy to take off. Fido will barely feel a thing on him when he is wearing his Custom Bandana, which he will love! It’s not like putting a sweater on your pet, which could be hard work at times. All you need to do is tie the bandana around his neck, which takes seconds. There is a reason why so many pet owners love putting Custom Pet Bandanas on their pets and this is why!

Many pet owners who order a Custom Pet Bandana for their pet end up wanting more. Why? Because the bandanas look great on their pets! You can even think of these Custom Bandanas as clothing for your pets. You can switch out the bandana for a new one every day to give your pet a distinct look! Would Fido mind wearing the same bandana every day? Probably not, but giving him a new Custom Bandana to wear every day shows everyone how much you care for him!

Show him that he is part of the family

Let Fido know that he is an important part of the family by creating a Custom Pet Bandana with photos of him every member of the family! A Custom Bandana is a great way to put a family photo on full display. For something like this, we recommend going with our full photo option when creating your Photo Bandana! Upload a family photo from a vacation or regular outing to the park with Fido. Either way, the bandana would look great!

Makes a great Gift for friends, family members who own pets

Struggling to come up with a great gift for a friend or family member? If they own a pet, then they would definitely appreciate a Custom Pet Bandana! The only problem is that they may love it so much that they may want to wear it themselves! Custom Bandanas are definitely unique gifts that not everybody thinks of. Show everyone that you put the extra thought in coming up with this awesome gift!

If you want to go all out on your gift-giving, try creating a Custom Bandana for everyone in your family, including Fido. We all know Fido will appreciate the bandana, but once he sees everyone in the family wearing one too he will be ecstatic! You could try creating a different Custom Bandana for each and every member of your family, but you could also just create one brilliant design and have everyone wear it. If you plan on creating this ultimate gift-giving experience, definitely do not forget to take a photo with everyone in it. Can you imagine how awesome a photo with everyone wearing the same Custom Bandana would turn out? Perhaps you can even make a new Photo Bandana using that photo! The possibilities for making Custom Bandanas are endless. Because we make the process of creating a Photo Bandana so easy, you can jump back onto Winkflash and start making a new one right away!

Great for Different Occasions

Every holiday is a new occasion to create a new Pet Bandana for Fido. Remember that Halloween when Fido dressed up as a zombie dog? Or last Christmas when he was all dressed up in a santa costume? Those are all great moments for creating a new Custom Bandana! Once next Christmas comes, Fido can wear his Pet Bandana with his Christmas photo from last year. How cool is that? And if you want to be extra creative, you can even make a Custom Photo Bandana to be a part of Fido’s Halloween costume! Custom Bandanas are great for commemorating your holidays spent with Fido. Some pet owners may get so passionate about creating new Pet Bandanas for every holiday that they might even think about what kind of photos to take to put on their next bandanas!

Create Matching Bandanas

Why should the pets have all the fun? Create a matching Custom Bandana for you and Fido! Upload a photo of you and Fido together and then order two of the bandanas. Every pet owner that sees you guys now will be jealous! If you want to have some fun with it, you can create two different bandanas, one with a photo of you and one with a photo of Fido. You can wear the bandana with the photo of Fido and then Fido can wear the bandana with the phot of you! This is a spectacular way to show everyone how much you adore Fido. Even when you’re not with Fido, you can still wear the Custom Bandana so that he still feels close to you.

There are many ways for you to wear your bandana. If you are looking for different ways to wear your Custom Bandana, check out our Personalized Custom Photo Bandana page here!


  • 5.1oz, 100% Polyester Jersey Knit Bandana with White Back
  • 24″ x 24″ Machine Washable Bandana
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