Award Plaques

Perfect for coworkers or employees, our customized photo award plaques are sure to celebrate any achievement or milestone.
Employee of the month, custom award trophy plaque

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Create Custom Award Plaque

Winkflash photo award plaque Information

  • Measures 11x14 with a 5/8" thickness
  • Available in both landscape and portrait orientations
  • Heavy duty panel construction printed on a high gloss surface
  • Built-in mount for fast and easy hanging
  • Makes the perfect wall decor for the home or office

Custom Printed Award Plaques With Photos

Are you looking for a unique plaque or an award that commemorates a noteworthy accomplishment? Maybe your daughter did very well at her last piano recital or a coworker just got promoted after many years of hard work. No matter the occasion, our customized award plaques are perfect for acknowledging a personal achievement. Our customized awards allow you to add a photo and text for a fully tailored look. Select from one of our stylish background templates and present it to someone special to show your appreciation. For more ideas and inspiration, check out our unique photo wall decor page which offers a wide range of options for adding color and personality to your home or office.

Building your customized photo plaque

Begin by collecting photos to use for your custom plaque project. Select photos from your digital image library or scan your old photographs and upload them directly into your computer’s photo folder. After adding your photos to your desktop, simply access your Winkflash account and let your creativity flow.

  1. Once you have logged into your account, begin by uploading your photos directly to your Winkflash photo folder.
  2. Next, select the appropriate layout and orientation of your photo award and then choose your background template.
  3. After proceeding to the project builder, simply begin dragging your photos from your photo folder and place them on your award plaque layout. Complete your project by adding some custom text.
  4. Once you have reviewed your photo award project, add it to the cart and place your order.

After receiving the customized plaque in the mail, present it to a friend, loved one or coworker and watch their smile light up the room. Not only will they enjoy its professional and high-quality look, but they will be flattered by your appreciation for their hard earned efforts. Our custom award plaques are also a great way to dress up your home decor with their stylish look and quality construction. For personal milestones, business achievements or simple recognition, our custom award plaques are guaranteed to make anyone feel special about their noteworthy accomplishments.

Our photo award plaques can be customized for any occasion

Whether it’s a personal achievement, a sports victory or a business promotion, our custom photo award plaques are perfect for expressing your heartfelt recognition of a special someone’s accomplishments. With our project editor, you can fully customize a plaque to commemorate any achievement and compliment anyone’s style and personality. Our custom plaques make the perfect keepsake with their high-quality construction and professional look.

A custom award plaque is perfect for anyone at the workplace. Maybe a coworker is celebrating their 10th anniversary with the company or your boss was just recognized for his hard earned accomplishments at a recent business convention. No matter the occasion, our customizable award plaques will make the ultimate gift for anyone in the office. Use a complimentary photo and some congratulatory text to make them feel special about their duly rewarded achievements. Select from one of our elegant background templates that will make them proud to display their custom award for all to see. For other exciting custom decorating ideas for your coworkers, check out our school and office decor page which offers several unique options for brightening up the workplace.

Create a customized award plaque to express your appreciation for any gift giving occasion

Perhaps you have been searching for the ultimate gift for a loved one, one that is unique and personal. Why not design an award plaque that celebrates your loved one for who they are. Our custom award plaques make the perfect gift and will be cherished by everyone on your gift shopping list. With our customizable options, you can build a photo award plaque for both family and friends alike. In addition to our custom award plaques, check out our photo gifts collection which has even more creative and inspiring ideas for your next gift giving occasion.

Maybe Mom’s birthday is just around the corner. Show your appreciation for her with a “Best Mom Ever” award plaque. Add her best photo and your own heartwarming text to design a gift that is both unique and full of personality. Mom will love showcasing her prized award for all to see. Not only is an award plaque a fun way to add character to Mom’s home decor but it will remind her of how loved and appreciated she is, everyday.

Whether it’s for recognition at work or a heartwarming gift, our personalized plaques are perfect for any occasion

With our wide variety of customizable options and high-quality construction, our photo plaques are a great way to celebrate the accomplishments of those in your life. Whether it’s a formal business occasion or simply a loved one that deserves some recognition, you can design a personalized award plaque that is perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and holidays to employee promotions and anniversaries. Let our convenient project editor allow you to create a stunning award for anyone, whether it’s family, friends or coworkers. With its stylish look and durable, glossy surface, our photo awards the ultimate way of expressing your love and appreciation.

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